Tips on Table Decorations for a Graduation Party

A graduation party is a fun way to celebrate the end of school/college and bringing together all your classmates under one roof, for perhaps the last time! To make the party a success, there are a number of things that need to be perfect, right from food, music, games and activities to the décor at the party venue. Speaking of party décor, if you are planning to have a sit-down formal affair, your table decorations should be very uniquely designed as they will remain right in front of your invitees, throughout the party!

Graduation Party Table Decoration Ideas

School Colors and Logo
When we talk of table decorations, it includes things like tablecloth, table skirting, plates, silverware, napkins, glasses and most importantly, table centerpieces. Since it’s a graduation party, in order to reaffirm your relationship with the institution that you are leaving, you can have its logo printed on the napkins and the tablecloth. Another idea is to choose tablecloths and napkins in your school colors! This is an interesting way to show your affinity to your school, at your graduation party!

If you are the sentimental sorts, get hold of a few pictures in which you and your school friends are together or pictures which mark some special days and events in your school life. Get these photographs framed and put them on display at various tables. Your guests will have an interesting time finding themselves in the photographs and figuring out the occasions on which these photographs were taken!

Although books are the last thing that will be on the mind of the invitees when they come for your graduation party, yet, if you think creatively, you can come up with many unique centerpiece ideas which includes them. For instance, you can stack up books of different sizes, one on top of another and finally, keep a vintage globe on them! Or, you can keep three large-sized books in a standing position, place two wine glasses in between them, with a bouquet on top to finish the look!

Inspirational Quotes
Since after graduation, everyone will take their own course in life i.e. some might study further, some will start working and some might take a break and go on a holiday, so, one of the tips is to write some inspirational quotes on placards and put them on tables for all the invitees to read. Some of the quotes that you can write are: “Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” by R.W. Emerson, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” by Henry David Thoreau and “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.” by William Arthur Ward. If you search the Internet, you will find plenty of such inspirational quotes for graduating seniors.

Keep some eatables on the table, for your invitees to snack on. You can keep a fruit salad platter on each table, which has fruit cuts in your school colors! Or, you can make a fruit platter with fruits like grapes, blueberries, papaya, strawberries or any of the seasonal fruits and place it on the table for your guests to eat!

Hobbies and Interests
Planning the table decorations around the hobbies and likings of the one in whose honor the party is being thrown is another good idea. So, if you are a sports junkie, keep baseballs or small replicas of soccer balls on the table. If there is a specific rock band that you like, make a small collage of their pictures and keep on each table. If you are going to college in a new city, you can give the invitees a prelude to your life thereby putting up pictures of the same on the table!

As you can see, there is no dearth of ideas for decorating tables at your graduation party. If you want the table décor to look unique and interesting, think out of the box! At the same time, add your school colors and logo as well as some things that define you, to add that personal touch!

Best Way to Iron a Graduation Gown

The graduation gown is an integral part of the graduation ceremony for most of us who feel that a graduation ceremony is quite incomplete without it. While there are many other things that make the graduation ceremony special, such as graduation cakes, graduation dresses, cards and songs, it is, after all, the graduation gown and cap that make a graduate look and feel like one. It is a common practice for high school and college students to rent in their graduation caps and gowns instead of buying them. The reason is that graduation apparel, especially the graduation gown, can seldom be used again (unless you want your kids to wear the same one for their convocation ceremony!). Renting garments is hassle free because all you need to do is keep it clean and in a good shape till the time you return it back, without having to worry about keeping it safe for years. You just need to get the gown dry cleaned before you wear it and once more before you return it back. However, if you like the feel of a brand new graduation gown, then you can go for a graduation kit that consists of a gown, a graduation cap and a tassel.

Have you ever wondered what to do if you find that your gown has developed some fine creases? And that too just a few hours before your graduation ceremony? Well, in that case, all you can do is manage things yourself as it would be too short a notice to call a laundry service for help. At first thought, it might seem to you that ironing a graduation gown is no big deal as it is not the first time that you would be using the iron. But wait! Ironing delicate fabrics isn’t as easy as ironing a cotton shirt. You need to be a little more careful and patient.

How to Iron a Graduation Gown

If you were always curious to know exactly what those black colored robes are made of, then let me tell you that they are mostly made from synthetic polyester fabrics. While these fabrics are preferred because of the glossy texture, on the downside, they are inflammable which means that they catch fire pretty easily. So, in case you need to iron these yourself, you must be very very careful. Here are a few steps you need to follow to iron your graduation gown. Just have a look!

Materials Required
A piece of thick cloth or towel
Spray bottle
Step 1: Set the Temperature
Before you begin ironing your graduation gown, don’t forget to set your iron to a suitable temperature setting. If your iron has a setting for polyester or nylon fabric, then fine, otherwise set it to the minimum temperature level.

Step 2: Wet the Cloth
Once you have set the temperature on your iron and switched it on, it will be a while before it gets warm. In the meantime, fill the spray bottle with clean water and spray it on the piece of towel cloth till the cloth becomes moderately damp. Note that it should not be completely wet.

Step 3: Using the Iron
Now, fold the damp cloth once and place it on the gown. Take the iron and gradually press it over the towel cloth. The purpose of using the damp cloth is to protect the delicate nylon or polyester fabric of the gown from direct heat. Begin from one end of the apparel and once done, move the towel cloth further and spray some more water on it when necessary. This way you can safely iron your gown without the least risk of burning it.

This method is effective because the moisture from the damp cloth turns to steam due to the heat of the iron and this steam is responsible for quick disappearance of wrinkles and creases from the gown. In case the creases are stubborn and refuse to go, add a few drops of vinegar to the water in the spray bottle.

It is widely believed that prevention is always better than cure and so I present to you some tips that can go a long way in keeping your gown from developing creases and wrinkles on the “big” day. Whether you have purchased a gown or planning to get one on rent, the first thing you need is to know is how to store it. The best way to do so is to let it hang from a coat hanger inside your wardrobe. Also, it is preferable to use wooden or plastic hangers instead of the metal ones. Here’s another useful tip: on the day of your graduation ceremony, don’t step out of your home wearing it. Instead, carry it carefully till you reach the venue.

Avoid steam ironing your graduation gown as the excessive heat may damage the delicate fabric. However, exposing the gown to indirect steam might work wonders in removing the wrinkles for good! So, put it on a hanger and place it somewhere in the vicinity of the hot shower in your bathroom, but not dangerously close. This will cause the creases to vanish without you having to take the trouble of ironing it!

How to Dress for College Graduation Ceremony

Graduation is a very special occasion, where you are finally through with your last grade of education and you are qualified to be what you want to. On this one of the most special days in your life, you not only want to feel the best but also look the best! So, if you are nearing your graduation ceremony and party, you need to go shopping as soon as possible to find that perfect dress for yourself. Graduation dresses for college can be preferred in various patterns such as cocktail dresses, evening gowns, formal or summer dresses, etc., depending on the theme and style of the party. The colors of these dresses however, need to be neutral since graduation ceremonies are formal, usually followed by a casual party. Therefore, if you are looking for elegant and stylish patterns for college graduation dresses, find some in the coming up paragraphs.

Dresses for College Graduation Ceremony

When you are graduating from college, won’t you want to look as never before? Well, I am sure all you ladies love to dress up and look your best at all times, but graduation has to be special. Colors such as white (most popular), pale yellow, light green, blue, pink, peach, gray, black, silver, lilac, etc., are some shades you can choose for the graduation dress. The color white or ivory is most widely used in graduation dresses, to maintain a certain uniformity among the girls throughout the ceremony.

Other shades are used because these colors are perfect for formal ceremonies such as graduation, and these can work as a party color too. The patterns such as tea length cocktail dresses with beautiful necklines and gorgeous falls can be a few selections for your college graduation dress. As these have formal and casual patterns put together, they can be the perfect choices to graduate in! To put some more designs before you, we have compiled some information about the same in the paragraphs below. Take a look and make your choice.

Casual Cocktail Dresses
Cocktail dresses are the most convenient patterns for graduation as they are available in innumerable colors and designs. Since white, ivory, cream and beige are the most commonly used colors for most graduation ceremonies, you will find a huge variety in these colored dress patterns. Casual white cocktail dresses are on a more sober side of design, where the necks are usually round, boat necked, V-neck, etc., and either with or without sleeves. Printed fabric is a great choice for casual dresses as well. Sequin work on the neck or the bust line also makes the dress and the wearer look ravishing. These dresses are knee or above the knee-length which are comfortable to spend more than a few hours in them. The best fabrics used for casual cocktail dresses are satin, cotton, silk, etc., which are comfortable to move or dance in.

Formal Cocktail Dresses
Formal dresses are usually considered to be full-length satin gowns which are worn for evening functions, but cocktail dresses can be as formal as you want them to be. The most commonly used fabrics for formal wear are satin, tulle, taffeta, chiffon, etc., and these are combined in various designs. Additions such as belts, sewed flowers, sheaths, ruffles, ruched, and many others can be used to make the designs more stylish and attractive. The necks of formal elegant cocktail dresses are usually off shoulders, halters, Grecian necks, one shoulder, short or long-sleeved, peep shoulder and strapless dresses. Using sequins and bead work on these dresses is also a great option as such incorporation gives the dress an elegant evening look.

With these great designs for college graduation dresses, hope you have made your selections. Pair them up with brilliant jewelry and classy shoes, and you are ready to have the best graduation of your life. So, go shopping and pick up the best dress for graduation.

High School Graduation Gift Ideas

We all wait to grow up and when we do, we long for the best days of our lives to return. High school days are the formative years of our lives, where we make friends that last a lifetime, where being a part of the school sports team is a dream, and where our future dreams are nurtured. After graduation, it’s time to move on. And what better way to bid farewell to all your friends than to gift them something that they cherish and remember for years to come. While choosing gifts, do keep the likes and dislikes of the person in mind. Utility of the gifts should also be considered.

For Boys
For boys, gifting a tool kit can be a good idea. It can come in handy when a recently graduated student moves away from the comforts and confines of his home. Items like screwdrivers, hammers, etc., can be used for odd jobs in his room/apartment.
If the person is a bit fussy and you are not sure what he prefers, the safest bet is to give a gift certificate. You can also personalize gift certificates to make them more attractive.
A laundry kit is a practical gift idea for boys. Any young graduate who leaves his home will find this gift useful. This can be a good gift idea for girls as well.
For Girls
Most girls graduating from high school are fond of jewelry. You can take this opportunity to buy her that perfect pair of earrings, a ring, or a trendy necklace which she can flaunt in college.
You can also gift you female friends a bath and shower set.
An emergency tool kit will be an ideal gift, as it will keep her safe in case she gets caught on the road and there is no immediate help around. The kit is a compact one and may consist of flashlights, glass breaker, etc.
A gift basket is another idea for girls. It can include myriad items, ranging from chocolates, food items, books, etc.
From Parents

If you are looking forward to buy your son/daughter that special graduation gift and are ready to shell out the cash, here is what you can buy.
A laptop can be a good graduation gift for students on the go, to stay connected with family and friends.
Gifting furniture can also be a very good idea, especially if your child is planning to move out of the house and live on his/her own.
A car could be a perfect gift if the student has moved out of home and has to travel long distances for college/work. Having your own means of transport is always convenient.
Who would not like to be the trend-setter in college? So, you can gift a grooming set with clothes and accessories.
Personalized Gift Ideas for Friends
There are various ways in which you can personalize your gift items. You can choose to write a poem and get it embossed with a favorite photo in the backdrop. This will never fail to get the sentiment across.
There is nothing more memorable than photographs to cherish the good old days spent with friends. A picture collage of all the fun times spent with your friends speaks a thousand words. To make it more personal, you can write comments on the pictures and ask your friends to do the same.
Record the favorite songs that you and your friends loved to sing or dance to. This music CD will bring back old memories whenever you or your friends listen to it.
You can buy a trophy and engrave your friend’s name on it, and give him/her ‘The Best Friend’ award.
Books make great gifts, especially for those who love to read . When it comes to books, you also have a varied choice. You can choose fiction or non-fiction, or books belonging to specific genres depending on the interest of the person.
Nothing can be more touching and thoughtful than homemade graduation gifts, like candles, decorative photo frames, ceramic items, paintings on glass or fabric, etc. You can also have a group photo monogrammed on a mug.
You can engrave the names of your friends or their initials or your group name on items like a pen-holder, pencil set, etc.
Prepare a scrapbook with all the little details of your school, like the teachers, favorite pass time, etc. Going through this will bring back the excitement.
You can also make a video of the graduation party with a message from each friend.