Creative Science Fair Projects

Deciding on a science fair project can be very difficult for many children. Often the more common projects, like the volcano, are swooped up first, leaving students to have to think outside the box for projects. The following science fair projects are sure to be creative along with intriguing to all audiences.

The first experiment we will look is the popular question of “Does music affect plant life?” which has been casually asked for years. This project is quite simple to setup and recording the data is very easy. You will need three identical plants, two radios, two genres of music (rock and classical recommended) and that is it. Place the plants in a closed off room, make sure the plants get equal amounts of sunlight and water, then place the stereos approximately 6 inches from the plants. Every seven days record your findings, do this for one month.

The next science fair project idea is showing how model rockets work. This is a very simple task, and can be created with just a few main props. You will need a model rocket and model rocket engines. If you decide to show the model rocket in action it is important to make sure you have launch equipment. If you decide to purchase a model rocket kit you can show the assembly of the rocket, or you can purchase the parts and build your own. Explain how the fins are used for stabilizing the rocket, how the rocket engines propel the model rocket, and how the recovery system works. Not only are model rockets fun to build, everyone will love seeing it launch hundreds of feet into the air.

Our last science fair project tackles the growing plan to switch to renewable energies. Solar panels are popping up everywhere, and in some cases even on cars. This project shows how the angle of the sun rays affect the speed of the model solar car. You can purchase a solar car from many hobby shops and the size varies. The main point of the project is to show how the speed of the car is affected when power, from the sunlight, is not getting to the panels. Run the car down a small track and record your findings. After each run change the positions of the panels to see which direction offers the most power.

These are just a few science fair projects that can be considered. There are many websites and books out there that show a number of different projects you can do. So be creative and try something new. You never know what you may learn, or new hobby you may experience.

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